Patrick & Lyuba Pearce At NAMM

For more than 18 years, we have been the Worldwide industry leader in protecting thousands Musical Instruments
in over 48 countries.

Our Instrument, Amplifier & Pedal Board Protection Accessories are designed by musicians and for musicians
to preserve your Axe, Amp, Keyboard and Pedal Board with a minimal investment:

Legendary AxeShield HD Instrument Shrouds, AxeSak Instrument Covers, AxeGlove Protection System, AxeCap, 
KeyShield Keyboard Covers, PedalShield Pedalboard Covers and AmpShield Amplifier Covers.

Whether you paid $300 or $30,000 for your instrument, case,
amplifier, keyboard or pedal board, we give you the same level of protection.

Dings, Dents, Dust, Dirt, Belt Buckle Rash, Guitar Stand and Wall Hanger damage are history!

Our designs are unique and custom form fitting for
YOUR instrument, case, amplifier, keyboard or pedal board.

And they're safe on ALL finishes including Nitrocellulose.

Why Take The Risk?

All LightWing accessories are made of 100% Green Materials...

A Proprietary Cotton/Silk Satin blend with a moisture absorbing Cotton Double Layer Flannel inner lining.

They're washable, produced with uncompromising quality and backed by Customer Service second to none.

They include a reusable storage bag and FREE SHIPPING IN THE U.S.A.

You can use them at Home, in the Studio or Live...and they install in minutes!

Try one...

We've never had an unsatisfied player!